About Us

About Us

Sharqi is an online B2B platform that connects local handmade workshops and artisans in the Middle East with businesses around the world including restaurants, gift shops, and corporates.

Sharqi's Team

Saleem Najjar - Co-Founder/CEO

Saleem is a social entrepreneur who co-founded several social startups and is one of JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 2021. He is a longtime active mentor and advisor for startups in his community with over ten years of experience in product management and e-commerce. He has won numerous awards celebrating entrepreneurship, including the European Youth Award in 2018 and first place in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge in 2017.

Yazan Qawasmi - Co-Founder/Head of Sales & Marketing

Independent thought, inquisitive mind, and passion for innovation are what distinguish his personality. Such qualities have geared his career path toward being an industrial engineer & entrepreneur. “ I am aiming to make a difference and sharqi is a great opportunity to make one that lasts”.

Asma Baghdadi -Head of Operations

Asma has 5 years of experience in B2B operations, she used to manage the daily challenges for big corporates. She uses her experience in managing Sharqi Shop relationships with partners, organizations, and investors.

Yusuf Yassin - Director of Impact

Yusuf is a communications expert with over 12 years of experience in finance and development. As Director of Impact, he manages relationships with partner agencies and oversees Umbrella 500’s reporting function, making sure partners get visibility for their projects.

Saba Showman- Project champion

Saba is who Identifies a project’s strategic objectives and works at organizing the implementation of a project and ensures everyone involved is on board to ensure the successful completion implementation and adoption of a project. While critically analyzing and ensuring best practices and prioritizing project phases based on value.

Siba Gaafar - Content Creator

Over 3 years in Content Creation, passionate about self-learning, and organizing. she believes that content marketing is a priority for business success.

Ahmad Alawieh - Web Developer & Designer

Website design and development experience, passion for learning new things and constantly improving himself. Believes that website design and development is an engineering state based on a blend of "art" and "ease of use"

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